Placing a Team Submission will not render free design without the required deposit/payment

You must have final/completed roster to proceed. Do not submit a fake or incomplete roster, as you will not be placed on the design schedule without the required deposit/payment based on your final/valid roster.

Payment options to proceed are a $500.00 non-refundable deposit or payment in full. Orders under $1000.00 must be paid in full.


after final proof approval and payment in full has been received.




  • Volume Discount pricing breaks are at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 units.
  • The design and/or logos must be the same for all garments. Names can change.
  • Orders must have a minimum of 10 jerseys, 10 hooded jerseys or 25 hoodies.
  • Garment styles cannot be mixed to reach the price breaks. All styles must be the same.
  • Men’s, Women’s and youth sizing of the same style can be combined to reach volume discount.
  • Long sleeve and short sleeve are different styles and cannot be combined to reach volume discount price breaks.

A quick look at our most popular style - Pro Style Short Sleeve with Quarter Zip Pricing

  • 1-9 quantity $90.00 each
  • 10-24 quantity $81.00 each
  • 25-49 quantity $58.50 each
  • 50-99 quantity $49.50 each
  • 100-249 quantity $40.50 each
  • 250+ call for pricing

Pricing shown above represents base pricing. There is a $2.00 up-charge per size over XL (+$2.00 for 2XL, +$4.00 for 3XL, etc.) and a $4.00 up-charge for tall sizes. To see detailed pricing information go to the Pricing Info Page.

Art charges and Shipping Charges

There are no art charges or shipping charges (continental USA) for orders of 10+ jerseys and 25+ hoodies that meet the team discount pricing guidelines listed above.

Sizing Available

All jersey styles are available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. We offer youth sizing, sizing up to 6X for men and 3X in women’s cut. Tall sizing is available and adds 2” to the waist length. Men’s and Youth jerseys are a loose athletic fit. Women's fit is tapered cut through the chest and waist that is a close to body fit. For specific jersey style measurements go to the Our Products Page on our website and review the sizing chart for each jersey style.

Popular Team Jersey Styles

  • Standard Crew Collar, Long and Short Sleeve (collar like a traditional t‐shirt)
  • Pro Style Collar with Quarter Zip, Long and Short Sleeve (short stand‐up preacher collar).
  • Polo Collar with Quarter Zip, Long and Short Sleeve.
  • Polo Collar with Buttons, Long and Short Sleeve.
  • Hooded Jersey, Long Sleeve (same material as our jerseys)

Fleece Hoodies

  • Standard Fleece Hoodie (team discount pricing starts at 25 units)
  • Deluxe Fleece Hoodie (team discount pricing starts at 25 units)

For complete details on all apparel styles go to our products


You must have an account created to place a team order.

If you created an account on our old website, you will need to create a new one. Your account can be used to:

  • Place your team order - the form to submit a team order will be in your account.
  • Save/edit/share designs you have created in the jerseys builder
  • Save/edit rosters you have created
  • View your order history




Design Option 1 - Provide a Design

If you know what you want for a jersey design (colors, logos, etc.) and have your creative assets and design direction ready to go our designer can take this information and translate it into a jersey proof for your review. The best art format to provide to us is Adobe Illustrator (AI) or Adobe Photoshop. If you do not have those formats we can also do our best to work with PDF's or .JPG's and in some cases GIF's will work.

Design Option 2 - Select an Image from our Jersey Gallery

Our Jersey Gallery is a great resource to find a design perfect for your team. Each image has a reference number below it. We can use the chosen image as inspiration to create a unique design with your team colors and logos.

Design Option 3 - Our Creative Team Develops a Custom Design

If you can provide us with a little information, our talented design team will do the rest. Do you have a team logo? Do you have team colors? We can work with as little or as much information as you have to create a unique design for your team.

Design Option 4 - Utilize our Custom Jersey Builder

NOTE: When placing a team order, the jersey builder is only used to create and save your design.

DO NOT add team members or check out in the builder. You will not receive team discount pricing.

Adding logos in our Custom Jersey Builder is easy. Logos selected from the Logo Library will appear on the jersey design. Any logos you do not find in the Logo Library can be added using the Custom Logo feature. The Custom Logo feature allows you to create a list of additional logos, select placement, and provide special notes for each custom logo. This is a good place to add your team logos or local sponsor logos.

The 7 steps to building and saving a design to your account (view builder details image)

  • Select jersey style in Custom Jersey Builder
  • Select a design
  • Select design colors
  • Add logos from logo library (optional)
  • Add custom logos (optional)
  • Additional notes (optional) - share any special design requests with the design team.
  • Save your design to your account - the "Save/Share" button is under the jersey image on the builder.

Design Option 5 - Use a Design from a Previous Order with Atomic

If you are placing a team re-order or a new order but want to use a jersey design or artwork from a previous file you will need to provide the previous job number or the name of the individual or team the order was billed too.



You must have final/completed roster to proceed. Do not submit a fake or incomplete roster, as you will not be placed on the design schedule without the required deposit/payment based on your final/valid roster.

(Payment options to proceed are a $500.00 non-refundable deposit or payment in full. Orders under $1000.00 must be paid in full).

You must have an account and be logged into your account to use the Team Roster Builder.

Do you need to provide a board or team members with an accurate cost to place your order? Submit your roster for a Formal Estimate and in minutes you will be emailed an estimate with the following detailed information:

  • A line list of each item entered with a cost for each item (including up-charges for sizes over XL and tall sizes)
  • Total project cost (calculating any volume discounts for style quantities exceeding 10, 25, 50 or 100 units)
  • Terms and conditions of payment and options for fill-in orders.

View Example of Formal Estimate

Discount pricing is based on at least 10 jerseys or 25 hoodies of the same style (all must have the same design/logos). Men’s, women’s and youth sizing of the same style can be combined to reach the discount level. Short sleeve and long sleeve are different jersey styles.

Atomic Team Roster Builder

Add Member To Roster

Formal estimates will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive your estimate within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.

*Pricing provided in formal estimate is valid for 30 days and subject to change without notice.

5. SUBMIT team ORDER Information

The “Go To Team Order Form” button will take you to the team order form in your account. When you complete the form you will be emailed an invoice based on the roster you submitted with payment instructions.

Before submitting your order make sure you have:

  • Signed into your account.
  • Selected an option to get your jersey designed or have already started working with the Atomic Creative Team on your design.
  • Built your roster using the Team Roster Builder and saved your final roster to your account